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"With 15 years of experience in the tanning business, when I started off I researched spray tan solution and I kept coming up short with products that turned you orange and didn't smell good.  I finally thought one day, why not just make my own. My solution is what's called a sugar-based solution which draws the melanin forward giving you a nice bronze tan that lasts about 7 to 10 days.  It has a delicious coconut scent so you won't have any of that pesky Spray Tan smell. Once I developed my solution, I began adding more products like a popular self tanning mousse, spray tan in can tan, extending lotion and much more. I began to wonder how I could share my product line with the world. As a former single mother, my goal is to empower women to achieve financial success whether this is to supplement your current income or perhaps leave a dead end job to create your own business, a business that leaves women feeling happy and beautiful. This is an excellent opportunity for teachers, stay at home moms, businesswomen and even salon owners."

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After becoming an elite tanning consultant, our website is designed to help you develop your business by providing sales tips, marketing tools, training videos and technical support. A $300 start up kit consists of a spray tent, a gallon of our solution and a spray gun. All it takes to maintain your consultant status is to purchase $60 a month in products. Imagine the money you can make by hosting spray tan parties for bachelorette parties, weddings, cheer and dance competitions, prom and homecomings, girls night out and special occasions. Whether this be an at-home business or in a salon, I encourage you to empower yourself while helping other women preserve their pretty.

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An Elite Look Tanning kit includes one spray gun, one tent, 1 gallon of solution along with a HOW TO SPRAY TAN VIDEO. Exposure on our website along with a minimum order $60 per month to stay active on the website, with money made by hosting spray tan parties and building your clientele you also receieve 50% of product sales.

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