Lip Balm

Contains: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Local Bees Wax, Stevia Extract, & Essential or Fragrance Oil of your Choice Lip Balm Tubes are 1.25oz and is in an all Black Tube and Top. They contain a natural SPF of 15.

1. Pink Grapefruit (EO) 2. Grapefruit Coconut (EO+FO) 3. Honeysuckle (FO) 4. Lemongrass (EO) 5. Sage & Cinnamon (EO+FO) 6. Lemon Sage Ginger (EO) 7. Lemon Verbena (EO) 8. Patchouli (EO) 9. Lavender Patchouli (EO) 10.French Lavender (EO) 11.Peppermint (EO) 12.Fruit Loops (FO) 13.Berries & Crème (FO) 14.Cucumber Melon (FO) 15.Lavender Peach (FO) 16.Vanilla Lavender (FO) 17.Rosemary Peppermint (EO) 18.Fresh Pineapple (FO) 19.Mango Coconut (FO) 20.Oatmeal Milk Honey (EO+FO) 21.Blackberry (FO) 22.Gardenia (FO) 23.Fresh Pear (FO) 24.Fragrance Free

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